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150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets | Prado Reverse Lights Brackets

150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets | Prado Reverse Lights Brackets

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150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets: Illuminate the Path Behind

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and design with our 150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets. Designed and crafted with precision in Australia, these brackets are tailored to hold an auxiliary Rok Light, specifically the Lightforce ROK9, (lights not included) and serve as an enhanced replacement for your original rear bumper fog lights.

The 150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets are engineered with precision to achieve the perfect balance of height and inclination. This meticulous design ensures that the lights not only illuminate the path behind you when reversing but also provide optimal lighting for hooking up your trailer and brightening your camp or work site.

Simplicity is key. Installation is straightforward using the original mounting bolts, ensuring a secure fit. We pride ourselves on quality. Each bracket is Made from the Toughest and most reliable materials, ensuring durability and a sleek finish that stands up to the elements.

(Lights not included)

Elevate your vehicle's lighting with the 150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets – a testament to superior craftsmanship and functionality.

Australian Craftsmanship

We take pride in crafting our 150 Prado Rear Work Lights Brackets right here in Australia. Meticulously engineered and built to last, these brackets are a testament to Australian craftsmanship and quality.


Our brackets feature a robust finish: a layer of durable undercoating, topped with a clear seal coat. This not only ensures effortless cleaning but also provides superior protection against the elements, guaranteeing long-lasting durability in all conditions.

Suitable for All 150 Series Prado Models

Replaces original rear reflector. We recommend consulting your local government or relevant authorities to confirm the product's legality in your area.


What's in the Box

2x Light Brackets

2x Red Reflector Stickers

4x ROK Light Mounting Bolts & Nuts


Material - 3D Printed from ASA Plastic

Finish - Black Raptor Liner with 2 Matte Clear Top Coats

Melting Temperature - 100 Degree Celsius

Mounting Holes - Made for Lightforce ROK9 Lights

Designed and Made in Australia

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12 Months Warranty

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